Not “Kuymak” it’s “Guymak”

Story of the Guymak

Word Origin

The origin of the word Kuymak dates back toDivan-i Lugati’t-Türk prepared by Kaşgarlı Mahmut in 1073, and it is a Turkish word.
kuyma :(a kind of bread made by putting the dough in boiling oil. Also, any thing made by melting the metal and pouring it into a mold is called kuyma.)


Kuyma in Old Turkish means “1st, cast metal, 2nd, poured bread, lavash” In Mongolian, qoymag is synonymous with the word “katmer, pancake”.


In the middle parts of Trabzon, Erzurum, Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Ardahan-Posof and the inner parts of Artvin it’s called Kuymak; Yaglas (oiled soup) in the west of Ordu, Tokat, Sivas, Giresun and Trabzon; To the east of Trabzon, on the coast of Rize and Artvin, muhlama; In Çorum, it is called strewing because it is made with precipitate. Apart from these namings, which are all in Turkish, it is known as havits in the Greek-speaking villages of Trabzon and in Çamlıhemşin. If it is prepared using cream instead of butter it is called “Highland Kuymak” in Trabzon and “Hoşmerim” in Rize.


If stale corn bread is used by crumbling instead of corn flour, it is called cumur, çmur or zumur according to local dialects.

Our Story

In our childhood, the smell of kuymak was mixed with the smell of warm bread in the green mornings of Trabzon.… Preparing kuymak for breakfast was my mother’s job. Its consistency was unmistakable. taste too


We knew that the table was ready by the smell of kukmak spreading throughout the house and the garden, and when it was brought to the table with jingling spoons in tea glasses, we rushed to the table. Kuymak was placed just in the middle of the table, we would hastily tear the bread from side to side and eat it with pleasure…

Our biggest fight would be to scrape the bottom of the butt, after all, we were the grandchildren of “Cuhna Hasan”. The bottom of the kuymak is called “cuhna” in our home country, and it is “guymak”.

We would start the day happily and continue with full of energy. We were never tired all day long. Our energy was never ending.

Kuymak, which is prepared by every Trabzon local, is a flavor tradition that has lasted and will continue for generations.

And we wanted to prepare this magnificent taste and bring it together with you. We are now sharing this magnificent taste, prepared by our mother with its legendary consistency and taste, with the whole World.

Its ingredients are in the same quality, its consistency is with the recipe of our mothers from Trabzon…

We share our energy secret with you! Enjoy your Guymak.

Since 1926

We are the 3rd generation representatives of the grandfather’s trade

The trade started by Fehmi Onur under the name of “Fehmi Onur Müessesi” in 1926 has been continued with the same excitement as the first day since then.


Our R&D studies since 2015 have turned a local product of our region into an industrial product and made it marketable to all of Turkey and even to the whole world.


We prepared the guymak, which everyone likes and can’t get enough of when they come to the region, by the most distinguished chefs of the region, without compromising its legendary taste, without adding any additives, with a secret recipe, without straying from the traditional recipe, in order to make it the most important dish of your table.


We have frozen it at -40°C and kept it at -18°C so that its flavor will never be lost, so the feast begins as soon as you take it out of the package.